Noamundi & Biodiversity


Noamundi that falls under the Saranda forest region lies in the peninsular zoo-geographical subdivision, is a census town in West Singhbhum district in the state of Jharkhand. It is a small mining town located close to the Odisha border. It lies near to Jamshedpur and 64 km from Chaibasa. Nearby towns include Padapahar, Barajamda, Jagannathpur, Gua and Kiriburu. Tata Steel has its iron ore mine in Noamundi.

Gifted with countless bounties of nature, Noamundi is also known for its iron ore reserves. Tata Steel has been contributing towards restoring the beauty of the area since ages. Tata Steel is committed to the conservation, enhancement and restoration of biodiversity in its areas of operation. To formalise this commitment, Tata Steel adopted the company-wide Biodiversity Policy in April 2016 which aims to achieve ‘No Net Loss’ on biodiversity. Restoring biodiversity in and around the Noamundi mining area is a significant step towards sustainable mining.


The Noamundi Iron Mine has taken several initiatives in the past to foster biodiversity in the region. To know more about the biodiversity initiatives of Tata Steel at Noamundi, click on the links given below.